Saturday, November 23, 2013


"It's their world, above the world, exploding with music, passion romance and danger."

T, as most of his friends, lives in a self-constructed 'house', built on top of an old building in the city. Their one passion is 'combat'. Combat is a dance/street fight during which the contestants try to push each other out of the arena, while not allowed to actually touch each other. When drug dealers move into the neighborhood and kill T's best friend he embarks on a mission to eradicate the drug-presence in the neighborhood. His friends are reluctant to help though, knowing what happened to T's friend when he crossed them. 

Starring Jason Gedrick, Troy Byer, Eddie Valez, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Alexis Cruz, Allen Payne, Steve Love, Rafael Baez, Jamie Tirelli, Luis Guzman, Millie Tirelli and Robert Lasardo.

Directed by Robert Wise.

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