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Enemies Closer(2013)

"Keep Your Friends Close."

Forest ranger and Ex-Navy SEAL Henry is forced by the drug cartel to help retrieve a major shipment of drugs which went missing on the US-Canadian border. While in the woods, he runs into a man who has a vendetta against him, but both men must struggle to escape the forest and defeat the cartel, while at odds and at knife's edge with each other. 

Jean-Claude Van Damme, Orlando Jones, Tom Everett Scott, Linzey Cocker, Kristopher Van Varenburg, Zahary Baharov, and Atanas Seberev.

Directed by Peter Hyams.

Hide and Seek(2000) aka. Cord

"It's Not A Game."
A desperate, childless couple kidnap a pregnant woman and lead her husband to believe that she is dead. 

Starring Daryl Hannah, Jennifer Tilly, Bruce Greenwood, Vincent Gallo, Johanna Black, Sharon Bajer, Chad Bruce, Vanessa McCrae, and Blake Taylor.

Directed by Sidney J. Furie

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Demolition University(1997)

"A school day they will never forget."

A college student and his friends try to thwart a deranged war veteran's plan to poison the city's water supply. 

Starring Corey Haim, Ami Dolenz, Robert Forster, Laraine Newman, Todd Allen, Erin Beaux, Khrystyne Haje, Joe Skorpen, and Michelle Maika.

Directed by Kevin Tenney. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Demolition High(1996)

"A High Voltage Thriller!"

A group of terrorists led by Luther (Jeff Kober) take over a high school. Whilst outside, authorities work to negotiate with the terrorists, a group of students lead a revolt in order to prevent a disaster, led by Lenny Slater (Corey Haim).

Starring Corey Haim, Jeff Kober, Alan Thicke, Dick Van Patten, Melissa Brasselle, Kimberly Roberts, Trey Alexander, Richard Styles, and Geritt Graham. 

Directed by Jim Wynorski.


Street Hero(1984)

"His Street. His Games. His Rules."

 Vinnie is a teenage boy who is an outcast at school, alienating teachers and students alike. He is a local courier for the local Mafia boss. He lives in welfare housing with his mother (Peta Toppano), a young brother and sister, and his Mum's lover who he can't stand. Vinnie takes out his aggression with the world practicing boxing at the local gym. He is haunted by images of his father (when just a boy he witnessed his father's murder) and his father's boxing career. His music teacher (Sandy Gore) encourages him to get involved as a drummer with the school band, and his girlfriend Gloria (Sigrid Thornton) and others influence him to stay away from the Mafia.

Starring Vince Colosimo, Sigrid Thornton, Sandy Gore, Bill Hunter, Ray Marshall, Amanda Muggleton, Peta Toppano, Luciano Catenacci, Peter Sardi, and Robert Noble.

Directed by Michael Pattinson.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


"It's their world, above the world, exploding with music, passion romance and danger."

T, as most of his friends, lives in a self-constructed 'house', built on top of an old building in the city. Their one passion is 'combat'. Combat is a dance/street fight during which the contestants try to push each other out of the arena, while not allowed to actually touch each other. When drug dealers move into the neighborhood and kill T's best friend he embarks on a mission to eradicate the drug-presence in the neighborhood. His friends are reluctant to help though, knowing what happened to T's friend when he crossed them. 

Starring Jason Gedrick, Troy Byer, Eddie Valez, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Alexis Cruz, Allen Payne, Steve Love, Rafael Baez, Jamie Tirelli, Luis Guzman, Millie Tirelli and Robert Lasardo.

Directed by Robert Wise.

Flight Of Black Angel(1991)

"A renegade pilot armed with a nuclear missile...only one man can stop this angel of death."

A top US Air Force fighter pilot decides that his call sign of Black Angel means that he's a messenger of God. Freely committing murders as he goes, he steals a nuclear weapon and his plane. Taking a family hostage to help him, he works on bypassing the bomb's security lockouts so he can use it on the most sinful of American cities.

Starring Peter Strauss, William O'Leary, James O'Sullivan, K Callan, Michelle Pawk, Michael Keys Hall, Ben Rawnsley, Marcus Chong, Jerry Bossard, and Patricia Sill.

Directed by Jonathan Mostow.


Dangerously Close(1986)

"At Vista High there's a thin line between being cool and getting caught."

At an elite school, a group of students who call themselves "The Sentinels" begin terrorizing their socially undesirable classmates. Soon, one of their targets ends up brutally murdered. An editor of the high school paper begins to investigate and The Sentinels become even more ruthless in their behavior.

Starring John Stockwell, Carey Lowell, J. Eddie Peck, Madison Mason, Bradford Bancroft, Don Michael Paul, and Thom Mathews.

Directed by Albert Pyun. 


"Natural selection is a killer."
A nature field researcher is investigating the strange extinction of small animals and insects in the area, which indicates that something is wrong. His suspicions are soon to be proven right when he meets May, who lives in a cabin in the forest nearby. May says that her house is infested by small creatures that she thinks are mice or rats. When the couple search the house further, they notice that they're not rodents or insects. They are fast evolving lizards that have the appetite for animals and humans, no matter what size their prey are...

Starring Pamela Gidley, Simon Bossell, Valeriy Nikolaev, Helen Moulder, and Norman Forsey.

Directed by Tim Boxell.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Fan(1981)

"This is the story of a great star and a fan who went too far." 

 Douglas is a lonesome record salesman and a true fan of the actress Sally Ross. Every day he writes her gleaming letters of love. But the only response he gets are formal letters. So his love turns into hatred. 

Starring Lauren Bacall, James Garner, Maureen Stapleton, Hector Elizondo, Michael Biehn, Anna Maria Horsford, Kurt Johnson, Dwight Schultz, Dana Delany, Kaiulani Lee, Feiga Martinez, Reed Jones, Charles Blackwell, Terence Marinan, and Lesley Rogers.

Directed by Edward Bianchi.

Judgment Night(1993)

"There comes a time when you've got to take a stand."

Four pals are on their way to a boxing match, but gets stuck in heavy traffic. To get to the boxing match in time they take the first exit they find to find another way to the venue. As they are driving around lost in gang-land they get stuck and witness a brutal murder. The killer wants no witnesses and tries to kill them too. The four pals get away the first time, but the killer is soon back on their tail again while they are trying to find help in the middle of nowhere. 

Starring Emilio Estevez, Cuba Gooding Jr., Denis Leary, Stephen Dorff, Jeremy Piven, Peter Greene, Erik Schrody, and Michael Wiseman.

Directed by Stephen Hopkins.


Enemy Territory(1987)

"When entering enemy territory...You're entering a war-zone"

 An insurance salesman inadvertently gets trapped after dark in an apartment building that is terrorized by a street gang called "The Vampires." 

Starring Gary Frank, Ray Parker Jr., Jan-Michael Vincent, Frances Foster, Tony Todd, Stacey Dash, Deon Richmond  Tiger Haynes, and Charles Randall.

Directed by Peter Manoogian.

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"Witness The Change."

Dr. Peter Houseman is a brilliant geneticist who is working on a serum which will stop human aging, but his colleagues don't believe in his work. When his university funding is threatened by his skeptical benefactors, the doctor takes a desperate measure to justify his work. He administers the serum to himself, but the results are unexpected and horrendous. 

Starring Gene Lebrock, Catherine Baranov, Harry Cason, David Wicker, Jason Arnold, Stephen Brown, Tom Story, Anna Colona, and Wally Doyle.

Directed by George Eastman.



"We leave no traces, but we live in memory, and in the nightmares of our enemies."

While on a night out in Chicago, two innocent couples inadvertendly get embroiled in an all-out gang war.

Starring Rengin Altay, Michael Dixon, John L. Eves, and Jim Jourdan.

Directed by Roger J. Barski.



Message From Space(1978)

"Where Fantasies are Real & Reality is Fantastic." 

 In this Star Wars take-off, the peaceful planet of Jillucia has been nearly wiped out by the Gavanas, whose leader takes orders from his mother (played a comic actor in drag) rather than the Emperor. King Kaiba sends out eight Liabe holy seeds, each to be received by a chosen one to defend the Gavanas. Each recipient, ranging from hardened General Garuda to Gavana Prince Hans to young Terrans Meia, Kido, and Aaron all have different reactions to being chosen. 

Starring Vic Morrow, Sonny Chiba, Philip Casnoff, Peggy Lee Brennan, Etsuko Shihomi, Tetsuro Tamba, Hiroyuki Sanada, Mikio Narita, Makoto Sato, and Noboru Mitani.

Directed by Kinji Fukasaku.


Liquid Sky(1982)

In New York, a small flying saucer lands on the roof of a penthouse seeking for heroin. In the apartment, the cocaine addicted model Margaret is a promiscuous bisexual androgynous woman that lives with her lover, the drug dealer Adrian. Margaret has sex with many partners asking for cocaine in return. The aliens discover that the sensation of the orgasm is equivalent to the heroin and they suck the brains of Margaret's lovers, killing them first and then making their bodies disappear. Meanwhile, a German scientist is chasing the extraterrestrial beings and arrives in a building in front of Margret's apartment to observe the creatures. 

Starring Anne Carlisle, Paula E. Sheppard, Susan Doukas, Otto von Wernherr, Bob Brady, and Elaine C. Grove.

Directed by Slava Tuskerman.



"Man is no longer in control" 

 Student Jane jobs as an assistant for the animal researcher Phillip in a lonesome old house. They live alone except for the chimpanzees and butler Link: a 45 years old very intelligent orangutan. Phillip wants to put Link to death. However before he can do this he's vanished tracelessly one morning. Link starts behaving more and more aggressive and prohibits Jane from using the phone or reaching the next village. When she punishes him by locking him out, he becomes violent. 

Starring Terence Stamp, Elisabeth Shue, Steven Pinner, Richard Garnett, David O'Hara, Kevin Lloyd, Daisey Beavers, and Geoffrey Beavers.

Directed by Richard Franklin.


Jennifer(1978) aka. Horrible Carnage

"She's got the power... and you haven't got a prayer!"
Ostracized at a snooty private school because of her rural, poor background, a scholarship student is tormented to the point where her only remaining recourse is revenge, using the only method she knows: her psychic control over snakes! 

Starring Lisa Pelikan, Bert Convy, Nina Foch, Amy Johnston, John Gavin, Jeff Corey, Louise Hoven, Ray Underwood, and Wesley Uure.

Directed by Brice Mack.

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"An Ancient Evil is Unleashed ... And It Wants Revenge!" 

 In Arizona during the Civil War, a woman is accused of witchcraft, tied to a horse and left to die in the desert. One hundred years later, the descendants of the woman's accusers start being killed off, and the townspeople suspect the woman has come back as an evil spirit. 

Starring Aldo Ray, Virgina Mayo, Ann Michelle, Jim Negele, Brad Rearden, Fred Carroll, June Ely, Carl B. Belfor, Grady Daugherty, and Paul Vincenzo.

Directed by Michael A. DeGaetano.


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