Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Last Match(1990)

Somewhere on an island in the Caribbean a girl is imprisoned for owning drugs. Since she is the daughter of a football team coach(Ernest Borgnine) help is soon on the way: the entire football team mounts an expedition to set her free.  

Starring Ernest Borgnine, Oliver Tobias, Charlies Napier, Henry Silva, Martin Balsam, Robert Floyd, Melissa Palmisano, Jim Kelly, Jim Kiick, Bart Schuchts, and Jim Jensen.

Directed by Fabrizo De Angelis. 


"Flesh tears - Bones shatter - The nightmare has begun." 

 Seven friends get together to enjoy a crazy weekend in the mountains, drinking and partying to their hearts content. The house they rent for the weekend, though, is keeping a dark secret: years ago, a young boy murdered his mother and her lover inside the house. Unbeknownst to the group, a shape-shifting evil still lurks within the walls of the secluded mountain home, waiting to be unleashed. The first day at the house, after being dropped off by a driver, John, one of the seven friends, goes searching through the garage. He finds a sledgehammer and takes it. This is the key that unlocks that evil spirit inside the house, and the fight for survival is on. 

Starring Ted Prior, Linda McGill, John Eastman, Janine Scheer, Tim Aguilar, Sandy Brooke, Stephen Wright, Michael Shanahan, Mary Mendez, Justin Greer, Doug Matley, and Ray Lawrence.

Directed by David A. Prior.


Sole Survivor(1983)

"This woman has cheated death. Now, Death wants to even the score."

Denise Watson(Anita Skinner) is a TV station worker who is the only survivor of a unexplained, horrific airplane crash in which she is completely unscratched. Soon, Denise becomes haunted by feelings of unworthiness as well as seeing strange people following her and hearing voices calling her name which no one but she can hear. Disregarding warnings from a psychic actress friend, Denise tries to get on with her life while it's revealed that she was supposed to die in the crash, but somehow escaped, now the unseen specter of death wants to collect her by sending its minions, people that have recently died, to kill Denise and finish the job what death had planed for. 

Starring Anita Skinner, Kurt Johnson, Robin Davidson, Caren L. Larkey, Andrew Boyer, Daniel Bryan Cartwell, and Wendy Dake.

Directed by Thom Eberhardt.

One Dark Night(1983)

"A night to remember - until the day until you die!"

 A strange man named Karl Rhamarevich dies shortly after discovering a way to become even more powerful in death through telekinesis. On the night of his burial in a crypt, Julie is to spend the night there as part of an initiation rite, supervised by two other girls. The crypt becomes a scene of horror as Raymar returns to life and deploys his horrifying telekinetic powers, with coffins sliding out and splintering open to release decaying bodies on Raymar's command. The bodies soon begin to menace the three girls trapped inside. Will they survive the horrific night in the crypt? 

Starring Meg Tilly, Melissa Newman, Robin Evans, Leslie Speights, Donald Hotton, Elizabeth Daly, David Manson Daniels, Larry Carroll, Adam West, and Kevin Peter Hall.

Directed by Tom McLoughlin.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Shock Waves(1977)

"Once They Were Almost Human!"

This horror film concerns a shipwrecked yachting party. Rose (Brooke Adams) and her fellow yacht-mates, including the captain (John Carradine) run aground on an island when they hit an odd-looking freighter. Once beached, they meet up with an aging SS Commander (Peter Cushing) who had been in charge of a crew of zombies. This is not meant as a comment on the quality of the men under him, they were "real" zombies. Since the zombies were taken from the ranks of murderers and other miscreants, they were not activated and the SS Commander sunk them with his submarine. Now they are rising up from the depths to create mayhem among the stranded members of the yachting party. 

Starring Peter Cushing, Brooke Adams, Fred Buch, Jack Davidson, Luke Halpin, D.J. Sidney, Don Stout, John Carradine, and Clarence Thomas.

Directed by Ken Wiederhorn.

Hell Night(1981)

"Pray For Day."

Before being able to join Alpha Sigma Rho fraternity and its sister sorority, four pledges must spend the night in Garth Manor, twelve years to the day after the previous resident murdered his entire family. Some, however, say that one member of the Garth family survived, and still resides somewhere in the now-deserted mansion. 

Starring Linda Blair, Vincent Van Patten,  Peter Barton, Kevin Brophy, Jeremy Neumann, Suki Goodwin, Jimmy Sturtevant, and Hal Raston.

Directed by Tom DeSimone.


"What is the shape of your soul?"

After stealing a huge stash of drugs, speed freaks Hector (Brad Hunt) and Darena (Cyia Batten) plan to cook up an enormous batch of crystal meth and get rich quick. Hectors old buddy Merle (Patrick McGaw) has the perfect hideout / meth lab, an old abandoned farmhouse in the woods where no one will ever find them. Unfortunately, no one will here their screams either. Turns out. they may not be alone after all. It seems the farmhouse is the site of a horrific urban legend. Paranoid and tormented by demons and terrifying visions, they fall prey to their descending spiral of drug use and mysterious horrifying hallucinations causing the scared and frightened trio to ultimately turn deadly against each other. 

Starring Brad Hunt, Cyia Batten, Patrick McGraw, Paul Banashek, Ahsley Ann LaPan, Karole Nellis, and Frankie Ray.

Directed by Dan Mintz.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Night Junkies(2007)

"They Need to Feed."

In London, Vincent Monroe is a young man addicted in blood that wanders through the red light district looking for lonely people to satisfy his addiction, dropping their bodies in the Thames River. When the stripper Ruby Stone meets Vincent in a coffee shop after her show, they immediately fall in love with each other. They have one night stand and Vincent does not resist and bites Ruby's neck, freaking her out. Ruby leaves his apartment and returns to the night-club, where the psycho pimp that is obsessed on her harasses her. Vincent finds Ruby fainted in an alley and soon she discovers that Vincent has turned her into a vampire. Ruby convinces Vincent to stop drinking human blood and seek out a cure in Edinburgh. But the sadistic psycho, who has killed fifteen women, has discovered their address and is stalking Ruby. 

Starring Giles Anderson, Lucy Bowen, Beverly Eve, Matt Tully, Katia Winter, Jonnny Coyne,  Daniel Kobbina, Lauren Adams, Rene Zagger, Phillip Simon, Mark Jackson, and Sasha Jackson.

Directed by Lawrence Pearce.

The Believers(1987)

"Nothing Can Stop Them. No One Can Help You. They Know Who You Are."

 After the death of his wife, police psychiatrist Cal Jamison moves to New York. There he has to help in the investigation of the murder of two youths, who seem to have been immolated during a cult ritual. Jamison believes it's been Voodoo and, ignoring the warnings of his housekeeper, enters the scenery and soon gets under their influence. They try to get him to sacrifice his own son. 

Starring Martin Sheen, Helen Shaver, Harley Cross, Robert Loggia, Elizabeth Wilson, Harris Yulin, Lee Richardson, Richard Masur, Carla Pinza, Jimmy Smits, and Malick Bowens.

Directed by John Schlesinger.


"If You Don't Belong They'll Eat You Alive."

Billy Warlock stars as Bill Whitney, the troubled scion of a wealthy Beverly Hills family. Feeling like an outcast his entire life, Bill begins seeing Dr. Cleveland (Ben Slack), a therapist who's trying to help him reconcile his conflicted feelings about his parents, who seem to lavish more attention on his sister Jenny (Patrice Jennings). Bill then discovers that his doubts have more of a foundation in reality than simple teen angst. After he receives a copy of an audio tape of horrific sounds at Jenny's coming out party, Bill becomes convinced of the existence of a secret "society" of wealthy people preying on outsiders, and that his family is involved.

Starring Billy Warlock, Devin DeVasquez, Evan Richards, Ben Meyerson, Charles Lucia, Connie Danese,  Patrice Jennings, Heidi Kozak, Ben Slack, David Wiley, and Tim Bartell.

Directed by Brian Yuzna.

I Was A Teenage Zombie(1987)

"Now The Girls Are Dying To Go Out With Him."

Six high school buddies accidentally kill a drug pusher and dump his body in toxic waters. When the pusher returns as a zombie and goes on a killing spree, their only recourse is to dump the body of one of their own recently dead, and have him return as a "good" zombie to face off with the "bad" one. The producer's hook for the film was to feature music by groups the likes of The Fleshtones and Los Lobos. 

Starring Michael Rubin, Steve McCoy, George Seminara, Robert C. Sabin, Peter Bush, Allen Lewis Rickman, Kevin Nesgoda, and Cassie Madden. 

Directed by John Elias Michalakis.