Thursday, March 20, 2014

Night Junkies(2007)

"They Need to Feed."

In London, Vincent Monroe is a young man addicted in blood that wanders through the red light district looking for lonely people to satisfy his addiction, dropping their bodies in the Thames River. When the stripper Ruby Stone meets Vincent in a coffee shop after her show, they immediately fall in love with each other. They have one night stand and Vincent does not resist and bites Ruby's neck, freaking her out. Ruby leaves his apartment and returns to the night-club, where the psycho pimp that is obsessed on her harasses her. Vincent finds Ruby fainted in an alley and soon she discovers that Vincent has turned her into a vampire. Ruby convinces Vincent to stop drinking human blood and seek out a cure in Edinburgh. But the sadistic psycho, who has killed fifteen women, has discovered their address and is stalking Ruby. 

Starring Giles Anderson, Lucy Bowen, Beverly Eve, Matt Tully, Katia Winter, Jonnny Coyne,  Daniel Kobbina, Lauren Adams, Rene Zagger, Phillip Simon, Mark Jackson, and Sasha Jackson.

Directed by Lawrence Pearce.

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