Saturday, February 22, 2014

Six-String Samurai(1998)

"All Superheroes Wear Glasses." 
 In a post-apocalyptic world where the Russians have taken over a nuked USA and Elvis is king of Lost Vegas, "Six-String Samurai" chronicles the tale of Buddy, a hero who's a '50s rocker and wandering warrior rolled into one, too-cool package. Armed with his six-string in one hand and his sword in the other, Buddy is on his way to Vegas to succeed Elvis as King. Along the way, he saves an orphan who decides to play tag-along to his rescuer. What follows is the road trip from hell. 
Starring Jeffery Falcon, Justin McGuire, Kim De Angelo, Stephane Guager, Clifford Hugo, Oleg Bernov, Igor Yuzov, and Zhenya Kolykhanov.
Directed by Lance Mungia.


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