Wednesday, January 8, 2014


"Four of your worst NIGHTMARES come true."

Four horror tales based on urban legends. The first story 'Terror in Topanga', has a smoking addict going out to buy some cigarettes despite there being a killer in the neighborhood. The second story 'Bishop of Battle', has a teenager who becomes so good at a video game, that the game comes to life to collect him. The third story, 'The Benediction' (based on Steven Spielberg's 'Duel') has a priest whom has lost his faith, leaving his monastery and stalked on the road by a black pick-up truck from hell, literally. The fourth story 'Night of the Rat', (loosely based on 'Poltergeist') has a couple, along with their young daughter, battling a giant rat living in their suburban home. 

Starring Cristina Raines, Anthony James, Emilio Estevez, Moon Unit Zappa, William Sanderson, Veronica Cartwright, Lance Henriksen, Robin Gammell, Richard Masur, Bridgette Andersen.

Directed by  Joseph Sargent.

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