Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Clean Slate

You probably thought I gave up, didn't ya? After mediafire screwed me with uploads after my premium subscription expired I got pissed off. And I lost some hope. Then I lost my job. So basically things have been kinda lame lately. But I thought I would at least try again to post some new links. But instead of looking through all of my dead links...I thought it would be best to start from scratch. I have to anyway because I don't have most of the files anymore. I had to clean house so to speak in order to get my system to work faster. So I am going to give this blog a good ol' heave ho again. If any of you guys have any ideas for any filesharing sites that you would recommend me to use, feel free to do so. I still have the mediafire account..and the files I posted on it awhile back are still there..I will be re posting them soon..please let me know if you can still download em. Thanks for sticking with me after this long ass delay..Once again I gotta blame those feds and our insane government for killing the party..

So I'm Back. For now anyway. I might try streaming vids as well...And I think I'll start writing some film reviews too. If you're interested at all in them that's your choice.(I would hope so..) Once again thanks for the good times, and hopefully I can get bring life back to this blog.


  1. Glad to see you back! I always liked to visit over here before the upheaval. Nice work on the '89 Calagari post too!

  2. Happy to have you back.
    Mediafire is not to be trusted since they do cleanups every now and again. I got banned for having a band called "Fuck everybody" uploaded last month (which they classed as porn even though its music).
    Both Rapidshare and Depositfiles are trustworthy.
    Hope to see an upload of Intrepidos Punks (1980), I love Maria (1988), Robot holacoust (1986) and a re-upload of the classic Hawk Jones movie that i missed the first time around.

  3. great to see u back you can use uptobox for file sharing i found rapidshare so slow its unbearrable